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We are fortunate to share our office with Dr. Zeba Ansari who is a consultant pediatrician. She sees patients by referral.

The information on this website applies mainly to the family practice of Dr. Amolins, Levasseur and Yates.

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Our staff is essential to the care we are able to provide to our patients.

Shingles Vaccine (Shingrix)

Now Covered age 65-70

Learn more on Information


Yes our office remains open to serve you but we have modified our ways to keep everyone safe. Our staff is there during business hours to answer your calls.


Our goal is to decrease in person visits during the pandemic. Before you decide to come in to drop off or pick up forms, please consider alternatives. Many forms can be downloaded for example. Our staff can help you find the most appropriate solution.


The doctors are doing the majority of their consultations by phone or videoconference. Only essential visits will be done in person: this includes vaccinations for children and adults, prenatal visits and some pre-approved cases as explained below. To avoid crowding our waiting room, each doctor will be seeing their essential visits on one day per week. Appointments in person are booked only on an exceptional basis after the doctor has approved the visit. You are welcome to book a phone or videoconference consultation with your doctor. Please delay any non-urgent visits such as routine periodic health reviews (formerly called "physicals").


We will help you but please consider our office safety and do not arrive to our office without warning if you have symptoms. First, self-isolate, consider getting tested. If you need care, please call first to book a phone consultation. If your breathing is compromised or your condition is severe, call 911 and go to the emergency department.


is important when visits are restricted to only essential cases. Consider obtaining a sphygmomanometer (better known as a "blood pressure machine") especially if you are prone to or at risk for high blood pressure. You can share the readings with your doctor who can interpret whether you have a problem. If you are diabetic, you may choose to use your home glucometer more consistently and increase the interval of laboratory blood work. This should always be done according to your doctor's advice and under medical supervision.


Whether you come to our office or go somewhere else, wear a MASK, WASH YOUR HANDS frequently, practice 2-meter SOCIAL DISTANCING. Reduce your outings to the essential ones, especially when the number of COVID-19 cases in your area is high. Follow the current public health and government guidelines about social gatherings in your area. Get your FLU SHOT: see our section on our flu shot clinics. Eat healthy: consult the 2019 Canada Food Guide. Consult the public health website for up to date information on COVID-19.

Public Health Ontario COVID-19

Public Health Halton COVID-19


At the time of this publication, there are no clinical criteria allowing your doctor to distinguish accurately covid related illness from other viral illnesses without testing. For this reason, we are unable to provide medical notes clearing you or your child for COVID-19 if you have new symptoms on the COVID-19 list. However, if you need a note about a chronic or long lasting condition, we will consider your case and provide the necessary documentation. A charge will apply.


The Ministry of health has a great tool to help you decide what to do if your child has symptoms.

COVID-19 Quick Reference Public Health Guidance on Testing and Clearance


Consider downloading COVID Alert which is the exposure notification app recommended by the government of Canada. It is free of charge. Consult this link for details:


This app keeps track of your exposure to other users of the app and notifies you if you have been in proximity for at least 15 minutes to a COVID case. The app. preserves your privacy and keeps you anonymous. The more people who use it, the more effective it will be to limit the spread of COVID-19.

COVID-19: Vaccine Information

At the time of this update, three vaccines have been authorized by Health Canada: the Pfizer vaccine was approved on December 9, 2020, the Moderna, on December 23, 2020 and the Astra Zeneca on February 26, 2021. At first, the distribution will be limited to target groups considered more at risk such as residents of nursing homes and the staff working in these congregate settings. Doctors' offices are not administering the vaccines for now.

All vaccines approved for use in Canada undergo a thorough and independent review and must meet stringent requirements. Only vaccines that are safe and effective reach the approval stage. It is very encouraging that all 3 vaccines are very effective at preventing serious disease and death from COVID. Yes, your doctors are recommending that you get vaccinated against COVID-19. Stay tuned for more announcements about the COVID-19 vaccine distribution to the public. Vaccination will be voluntary.

Important Update

Groups eligible for the COVID vaccine as of March 1, 2021,

  • Adults receiving CHRONIC HOME CARE (services from the LHIN or Home Care Agency) are now eligible for the COVID vaccine in Halton. To book an appointment, you may contact the OTMH Vaccination Centre at 905-203-7965. PLEASE DO NOT CALL IF YOU ARE NOT ELIGIBLE.

    On Wednesday March 3, Halton residents who are 80 years of age or older, or someone on their behalf, will be able to go online to book an appointment for COVID-19 vaccine via halton.ca/COVIDvaccines or Halton’s COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic webpage.

    Halton residents can call 311 if they require booking support. Please only call 311 if unable to book online to ensure residents requiring support can be assisted.
    There will be appointments available to book for every resident who is 80 years of age and older during March and April. All appointments are contingent on the availability of vaccine supply.
    If you are under 80 years of age, do not call 311 or visit the online booking system to ensure eligible residents have access.
    Appointments will be available for clinic sites in the City of Burlington, Town of Oakville, Town of Milton and Town of Halton Hills.
    Free transportation options will be available for all eligible residents if required.
    Halton’s Vaccination Clinics are not open to the public and are available by appointment. There will be no walk-in accepted.

RESOURCES AND UPDATES To get the latest information on Halton Region’s COVID-19 Vaccine Program including who is currently eligible, transportation options and how to book an appointment, please visit halton.ca/COVIDvaccines.
Halton Region’s website is being updated as the program progresses, and residents are asked to check this page regularly for the latest information.

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